EpochField – Design

EpochField Design is an all-in-one field Graphic Design solution that improves designer efficiency and reduces the overall cost of the design process.

In many instances, the graphic design process for a utility network can get over complicated with redundancies, which results in a very inefficient workflow. Asset distribution companies and utility engineering groups typically use several diverse sets of tools or applications for the same job. Often, these applications do not integrate seamlessly with the utility’s GIS platform, creating redundant data management processes, duplication of efforts, and workflow backlogs.

EpochField Design is an all-in-one mobile graphical design solution that enables the field worker and supporting crew to overcome these obstacles. Utility designers will be able to visualize, create, and analyze new utility designs within a construction zone in a single mobile application connected or disconnected from a network.

With a powerful bi-directional synchronization framework, EpochField Design keeps the entire design project and its data organized and timely throughout the project lifecycle. As design components are synchronized from a designer’s device back to an on-premise database, that data becomes available to a variety of back office systems including the ArcGIS Platform and integrated Work Management Systems (SAP, Maximo, Oracle, WFM, etc.).

Key Features & Benefits