Just in time for the new year, Epoch Solutions Group releases EpochField 4.1.1. The release builds on the EpochField 4.1 product addressing bug fixes and focused enhancements to complement the current 4.1 platform.

The highlights include:

General Enhancements –

  • Ability to set map scale manually
  • Added generic details modal dialog for the feature attributes for Identify, Asset Search, and Work Management Workflow. This allows users to view tabular data more efficiently.
  • Added Support for Layer Queries when generating offline geodatabases, including related features. This helps to prevent users from having to download unnecessary data into their offline geodatabases.
  • At the portal selection page, pressing Cancel will close the app. Additionally, you may return to the portal selection page by pressing Cancel at any stage of the login process (including group selection).
  • Added child configs to GeneralSettings to hide Log Off and Change Portal buttons.

New Geofencing Functionality –

  • Geofencing support has been introduced, which will warn users when they get within a specified distance of an interesting map feature. Configurations allow you to define specific layers to be geofenced, tolerances for each layer, and a field from that layer to use in the warning message.

Work Management –

  • EpochField can now be configured to generate the Work Management Tool geodatabase at app startup and initialization time, behind the scenes.
  • Performance improvements have been made to the loading of work orders in the Work Management Tool. Previously, the list or work orders were slow to display when there were many of them to load. Now, they page on-demand as the user scrolls through the list.

Tracing –

  • Adds optional support for displaying a shortest-path route when tracing upstream in electric tracing. This is enabled in the EpochField configuration file via à being set to true. Default is ‘false.’ 
  • Changed the icon for Tracing to be different from Circuit Viewer.  

Map Markup –

  • Can now configure whether attachments are available to the user 
  • When viewing the list of users to share map markups with, the app can now be configured to display either the first and last name of the user OR only the user’s ID. The fault is to show only the User ID. Listing the users with first and last names can be highly resource intensive, when there are a lot of users.

For more information about EpochField, contact Epoch Solutions Group at:
720-458-3006 or gerry.hibbard@epochsg.com