Epoch Solutions Group Inc., a leading provider of geospatial mobility solutions for the utility industry, is proud to announce the release of EpochField 4.2!

EpochField is a complete, mobile-to-enterprise, multi-platform workforce management solution designed for field crews to view and update asset data in a map-centric, disconnected, real-time environment.

4.2 builds on the latest innovations of mobile computing and mapping in the field, bringing with it new productivity tools, better and more efficient handling of offline data and data streaming, improvements in usability and user experience. EpochField 4.2 also supports many of the key features available in ArcGIS Runtime 100.6.

General Enhancements

  • Updated the ArcGIS Runtime API to v100.6
  • Added the Details Modal to Asset Search, Tracing, and Work Management Workflow in cloud.This allows the user to tap on the feature attributes grid and pop up a modal making them more visible.
  • The app now shows the “Allow Always” option while accessing the device’s location.


  • Changed the Tracing icon to be different from the Circuit Viewer icon.
  • Adds optional support for displaying a shortest-path route when tracing upstream in electric tracing.

Work Management Enhancements

  • Removed the work download area functionality. All work orders now are grouped into Portal Groups.
  • Added support for work orders assigned to portal group. EpochField will support work orders assigned to logged in user and logged in portal group.
  • EpochField supports editing and marking up the attached images.
  • Update the work order summary to a tree view that shows the user a breakdown of the category value counts by work order task type.

Work Manager Web Application

  • Support the creation and management of work “Cycles”.
  • Added improvements to the user experience when creating work order types.

There is so much more we can say about the new innovations in 4.2, but grab it today and experience it for yourself! You’ll find EpochField 4.2 in the App Store and Google Play today, or contact us at 720-458-3006 or gerry.hibbard@epochsg.com