This year marks an important milestone for both Epoch Solutions Group and their flagship field solution, EpochField. On September 25th, Epoch Solutions Group will be hosting their first annual EpochField User Group Event in Denver, CO. This event will be providing attendees an inside first look at upcoming features and updates, special announcements, and hands-on learning experiences with live demos.

James Street, founder and CEO of Epoch Solutions Group, will be announcing the release of EpochField 4.0, the biggest update to date. EpochField 4.0 is the result of years of planning, researching, and testing to give users the most comprehensive field solution on the market today.

EpochField 4.0 introduces new features and UI updates which will further enable field crews to use one mobile application for all their field work. The new Work Management tool consolidates all work types into a single tool, creating a more seamless workflow. Graphic design, damage assessment, gas leak survey, overhead inspection, patrolling, and more can now be accessed and utilized without switching tools. Along with a revamped work management tool, comes an add-on application to help users build forms for the different types of field work. Form Builder puts the power of work creation into the hands of the manager by offering a custom form building web interface.

Stay tuned for the official announcement on September 25th, 2018.