Epoch Solutions Group, an industry leader in geospatial software solutions for the utility industry, is pleased to announce the release of EpochSync version 5.0. EpochSync is a powerful, flexible high-performance solution for synchronizing data between Smallworld Version Managed data stores and ESRI ArcGIS Server Enterprise Geodatabases/File Geodatabases and Oracle Spatial databases. This release, comes with numerous new functionality and stability improvements including combining the ArcGIS and Oracle versions into one release and support for Smallworld 5.0. Key release features are:


  • Magik codebase now works with Smallworld 5+ and Smallworld 4.3.x.
  • Combines the ArcGIS and Oracle versions into 1 release.
  • Improved import support (i.e. external database to Smallworld), especially around bi-directional with inserts in both databases.
  • Adds support for intermediate relationship classes (ArcGIS).
  • Updates the Oracle UI with the black-and-white theme.
  • For the Oracle engine, adds proper error handling with better error messages for easier debugging of issues.


For more information about EpochSync, contact Epoch Solutions Group at 720-458-3006 or info@epochsg.com