A new version of EpochSync (ESRI),, has been released.  It has a number of enhancements and bug fixes, including…


  • New Magik-side configuration capabilities allowing for a given record from 1 Smallworld table to be targeted to one of multiple possible external database tables.  For example, if you have a valve table in Smallworld, and you are synchronizing to a database with an OpenValve table and a ClosedValve table, then you can configure EpochSync so that a given Smallworld valve record only goes to either ClosedValve or OpenValve, depending on its normal status value.
  • Better Magik support for specifying default geometry field names, precluding fields, and built-in exclusion of text join ID fields.
  • Improved support for checking for and remapping database keywords when creating external database schemas using the EpochSync user interface.
  • When creating the external database schema using the EpochSync UI, if a duplicate table name is encountered, the user is now prompted to enter a new table name, if they wish.
  • File/Save As and File/Open now in the user interface.
  • Fixes a memory leak that only occurred when writing to Oracle SDE.
  • For initial syncs, ArcGIS load-only mode support now in-place.  This can speed up the sync by removing spatial indexes at the beginning of the run and rebuilding them after the table is fully populated.  However, an exclusive schema lock is required.  If it cannot be obtained, no matter…the sync operation will still proceed, but with the spatial indexes still in-place.
  • If unexpected ESRI geometry COM exceptions occur during a sync run, and it is desired to simply allow the sync to proceed past the offending record without bringing the geometry into the external database (as may be the case, since a valid Smallworld geometry may, in some instances, not be valid to ESRI and vice versa), it is now possible to add the exception information to a configuration file to allow EpochSync to recognize the error and proceed.


If you’d like more information about EpochSync, contact Epoch Solutions Group today!