DISTRIBUTECH International®


Visit with Epoch Solutions Group

Join Epoch Solutions Group at DISTRIBUTECH International® to learn about the latest challenges and opportunities facing the utility and renewable utility industries.

DISTRIBUTECH International® is the premier annual event for transmission and distribution, showcasing cutting-edge technologies that power our homes and businesses. Explore the latest in electricity delivery automation, energy efficiency, and demand response. Dive into distributed energy resource management, renewable energy, smart cities, and EVSE interconnection. Discover advancements in resiliency and reliability, advanced metering, and T&D system operations. Uncover the latest in communication technologies, cybersecurity, and sustainability. Our focus is squarely on our attendees and exhibitors, ensuring we deliver unrivaled value, foster lasting connections, and meet your evolving needs.

Join Epoch Solutions Group at DISTRIBUTECH International® and be part of the driving force shaping the future of transmission and distribution. Together, let’s create an electrifying experience that powers progress and transform the way we live.

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