Epoch Solutions Group will be virtually exhibiting and sponsoring Esri’s IMGIS virtual GIS conference on October 27-30, 2020. Join us at the virtual crossover event, Esri Infrastructure Management & GIS Conference (Esri IMGIS). This conference provides users from infrastructure sectors with learning opportunities—providing a richer, more valuable experience for organizations to move their location intelligence and GIS forward. This virtual event brings together professionals specializing in the management of infrastructure from several interconnected industries—water; electric; gas and pipeline; telecom; transportation; and architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC).

Epoch Solutions Group will be showcasing new features and enhancements EpochField 4.3 comes with for the first time to the public. Our team has been meticulously working on EpochField 4.3 this past year to make EpochField 4.3 the best version yet. Features such as UWP support, Digital Signature Verification, and Audible Field Alerts are just a few new features that make EpochField the best Mobile Workforce Management solution for the utility industry today.

To get you excited about the upcoming release, here is a small list of what you can expect from EpochField 4.3:

  • UWP Support – From 4.3 and onward, EpochField is supported by a single code base. Managing and administrating the EpochField suite is now much more efficient.
  • New Launch Experience – To expand on EpochField’s OOTB ease, a new launch experience has been created for all users. Any user can now use EpochField’s basic map functionality immediately after download and without needing to sign in.
  • Incremental Field Updates – Offline asset data in the field can now be updated using an incremental, polygon-based delta process. This improved process updates users’ asset data faster in the field which lets them focus on the tasks at hand.
  • Digital Signature Verification – Work order forms being completed in the field now support a signature field. Users can sign off on the work they have done to fulfill audit and regulatory requirements.
  • Audible Field Alerts – Geofencing field alerts can now audibly alert the driver. Allowing the driver to focus on the road while still receiving important alerts offers a safer experience for the user. A safe workforce is a productive workforce.

We look forward to “seeing” you there!

For more information about EpochField 4.3, contact Epoch Solutions Group at:
720-458-3006 or gerry.hibbard@epochsg.com