EpochSync Pro provides a powerful, flexible high-performance solution for synchronizing data between a variety of data formats including, Smallworld, ArcGIS enterprise, and file geodatabases, ArcGIS Pro utility networks, and Oracle.

EpochSync Pro 1.0.5 brings the following enhancements and bug fixes. This release brings numerous new features; however, the major new functionality is the addition of support for Oracle as a read connector.

Key release features are:

  • Adds an Oracle read-only connector.
  • Adds support for encrypted parameters in Connector specifications; for example, for obfuscating usernames and passwords.
  • Adds a coordinate system reprojection transform specific to the ArcGIS Pro connector.
  • Adds a LineFromPoints transform allowing the creation of a polyline from a series of points.
  • Adds support for connectors that can deal with incremental changes on a table-by-table basis, instead of all-or-none.
  • Adds console support for a log file folder.
  • Expected exceptions (e.g. table or field specifications that don’t exist in the source and target) still result in a non-zero exit code, but stack traces are not shown with them anymore.
  • Adds support for specifying a from coordinate system WKT or WKID for a mapping.  Reprojection must be supported by the target connector.
  • Adds basic audit reporting functionality.  Point the application to a mapping file, give it a mapping name, and it produces a list of source table/filter, target table/filter, and record counts.
  • Adds the capability to override from or to connector parameters from the command prompt.

For more information about EpochSync Pro, contact Epoch Solutions Group at:
720-458-3006 or gerry.hibbard@epochsg.com