Hurricanes, tornadoes, and snowstorms are some of the most destructive natural forces a utility will face annually. The most vital aspect to quickly restoring power starts with optimizing storm management processes by automating the collection of storm-related damage to utility assets and enabling utilities to make immediate, informed decisions on a restoration plan.

When a storm hits it can bring a lot of devastation to homes and businesses that require extensive work to be done so they can become safe again. Software in this sector can help immensely with getting industrial roof repairs, plumbing services, commercial and residential electricians, etc. to where they need to be and to who requires their help as quickly as possible during these devastating times. As technology progresses, hopefully, more honed and specific weather mapping will have a knock-on effect within industries that are needed during these times. A lot of homes and businesses who have been hit can find it difficult to get the help they need resulting in more damage occurring and loss of income if they are unable to get the restoration aid that they need. Knowing that they will get the assistance required through technology like this will help them better plan and prepare for what they need to do overtime.

With purpose-built features like configurable data collection workflows and an offline-capable map-centric mobile application, Damage Assessment with EpochField, automates restoration workflows, making after-storm management more efficient. The solution provides tools for strategic planning, field data collection, and real-time analysis. Importantly, it is built on industry standards, enabling it to work with any outage management system (OMS) or geographic information system (GIS).

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