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Administrator Tools for Field Service Management

Use an intuitive web application to speed and simplify your field operations administrative tasks.

Even the most robust, easy-to-use field service management solution requires some administration on the back end. EpochField greatly simplifies those tasks through administrator tools that automate how you manage your field workforce management solution.

The EpochField web-based Administrator application provides a suite of automated tools for managing your utility or telecom dispatch areas and service territories, reviewing data on current field activity and upcoming system maintenance, validating and uploading configurations, monitoring and reporting on activity, and much more.

EpochField Administrator Features

Our web-based tools make it faster and easier to perform routine administrative tasks on your EpochField workforce management platform.

Flexible Settings

Configure, validate, and manage map and scene settings, roles and privileges, and security settings to suit your organization’s needs and preferences.

Simple Configuration Publishing

Quickly and easily validate and upload role, group, or user configurations, individually or in bulk using CSV file formats.

Mobile Integration

Use the mobile app administrator to validate and upload configuration files for use within our EpochField Mobile application, then publish them with just a few clicks.

Robust Monitoring and Reporting

Monitor field service activity across the organization and generate a wide range of reports, including site usage reports.

Log-in Management​

Choose and set the duration of time before administrative users must log in again to the web application.

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Easy, web-based administration is just one of the many powerful capabilities of the EpochField workforce management platform—the solution that digitizes, automates, and transforms your field service management process.

Learn how the EpochField administrator tools automate and simplify how you manage your field workforce solution.