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Here at Epoch Solutions Group, we
are a team of eager and passionate innovators.

Our Management Team

  • James Street

    James Street

    Founder & CEO

    James Street is the founder and CEO of Epoch Solutions Group, a software company that has led the market with new and…

  • Natalie Street

    Natalie Street

    Vice President of Operations

    Natalie Street is the Vice President of Operations for Epoch Solutions Group where she leads operations and human resources for the company.…

  • Shane Hullinger

    Shane Hullinger

    Product Manager for EpochField

    Shane Hullinger is the Epoch Solutions Group Product Manager for EpochField, responsible for shaping the product and leading cross-functional teams to execute…

  • Bruce Chumley

    Bruce Chumley

    Vice President of Sales

    Bruce is the Vice President of Sales for Epoch Solutions Group and is responsible for designing and executing a global sales strategy…

  • Mike Mitchell

    Mike Mitchell

    Vice President of Program Management

    Mike Mitchell is the Vice President of Program Management. With more than 30 years of experience, Mike joined Epoch Solutions Group with…