Plan, Construct, and Maintain
Water Networks

Strengthen your organization with digital solutions that increase efficiency and provide insight for decision-makers. EpochField provides water utilities the tools they need to optimize their construction and maintenance processes while consolidating data streams from metering like Scada and IoT sensors into a single geospatial view of their network.

Key Features & Benefits

Configurable Smart Forms to capture field data in a disconnected environment.

Adopt modern workflows. Eliminate reliance on paper processes.

Assign work orders to users, user roles or groups with real-time situational awareness.

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The most vital aspect to quickly restoring power to customers after an event starts with optimizing storm management processes. Learn how EpochField automates restoration workflows, making after-storm management more efficient.

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Schedule, Dispatch, and Plan Routes for Your Field Crew

Customer Success Story

Entergy had the initiative to modernize its electrical & gas operations by deploying an Enterprise Asset Management System and a Workforce Management System across all Entergy Operating Companies. Learn how EpochField replaced legacy systems at Entergy.