Migrating your data to an Esri Geodatabase


Enterprises are constantly facing the need to integrate geospatial asset information across systems within the organization. EpochSync provides a powerful, flexible, high-performance solution for synchronizing data between Smallworld Version Managed Data Stores and Esri ArcGIS Enterprise Geodatabases. EpochSync consists of a .NET based user interface and Smallworld Magik components to very quickly develop mappings and connection info.


Key Features & Benefits

Fast ROI

See ROI in months, not years by implementing only the tools your field crews need.

Easy To Use

Built with simplicity in mind from the beginning, users will be able to transition with minimal training no matter what device.

Scalable To Any Enterprise

Tested and proven high performance geomobility applications from community to multi-state utility field crews.

Industry Standard Languages

Leverage industry standard development languages such as .NET, Java and objective C to build applications on Windows, iOS, and Android platforms.

Define Custom Mapping

Ability to define custom mappings for development of hybrid data models and attribute manipulation.

Use Your Own Device

Access any data source online or offline on any device using iOS, Android, or Windows.

Supports Exported Esri Data

Supports exported data model in Esri products such as ArcGIS Server.

Two Way

Supports two-way data synchronization.

EpochSync Pro

EpochSync Pro is a new version of Epoch Solution Group’s EpochSync software written specifically in the ArcGIS Pro SDK to take advantage of Esri’s Utility Network. EpochSync allows customers to bring their Smallworld data into an ArcGIS format to enable them to take full advantage of the ArcGIS suite of functionality.

EpochSync Pro

Key Features & Benefits

Read support for Smallworld and Oracle, including SDO geometry.

Incremental data synchronization ensures only data changes are synchronized.

Supports a number of built-in in-flight data transformations, including coordinate system transformations.

Flexible, chainable transformation architecture allows for complex in-transit data manipulation.

Plugin architecture allows for easy development of custom data format connectors (read and/or write) and transforms.

Flexible mappings support sync between wholly different data models.

Create mappings to extract data with minimal training.


Latest Case Study

Puget Sound Energy, a gas and electric utility company serving 1.1 million customers in the Pacific Northwest, has continued to supply their customers with natural gas and electricity since 1997. With their customers continuing to grow, PSE needed to have a better way to visualize their geospatial data across the enterprise. Esri was chosen for its web and portal technology and being able to disseminate the geospatial asset data. In order to complete this, PSE needed a way to efficiently extract the data from their legacy Smallworld system.