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Work Order Creation and Management

Plan, track, and manage work orders with ease, improving productivity and service.

Utility and telecom field crews rely on accurate, timely work orders to get the job done quickly and effectively—especially over large or remote service areas. EpochField’s work order management capabilities empower you to create and manage field work orders efficiently, with less work and greater accuracy.

The EpochField work order software eliminates manual, error-prone touchpoints that create delays, drag down productivity, and jeopardize the customer service experience. Our GIS-based, digitized solution speeds and simplifies how you create and manage field work orders—getting crucial data to your crews quickly, so they can maintain your field assets accurately and safely. In tandem with our Workflow Builder capability, the EpochField work order management system gives you the power to get your crews exactly where they need, even as field conditions change.

Work Order Management Features

Geospatial-Based Solution

Automate and improve how you create and manage work orders using a platform built with GIS software that provides accurate location information and real-time situational awareness.

Fully Automated Process

Automatically generate work orders based on network tracing operations results, avoiding manual steps and improving accuracy.

Instant Access

Provide field crews and back-office teams with immediate access to work orders, enabling them to view and process orders as soon as they’re generated, even on the go.

Automated Notification

Keep field crews fully informed of work assignments and changes through automated work order notifications from corporate dispatch.

Real-Time Data

Respond to evolving conditions on the ground more nimbly by generating work orders based on up-to-the-minute field asset and location data.

Easy, Yet Powerful

Simplify and improve work order management using an intuitive interface that’s powered by an intelligent code base behind the scenes.

Improved Quality Control

Ensure 100% work order completion through the EpochField Workflow Builder’s automated quality control features.

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Work order creation and management is just one of the many powerful capabilities of the EpochField workforce management platform—the solution that digitizes, automates, and transforms your field service management process.

Learn how EpochField can speed and simplify your field work order creation and management.