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Find answers to your questions about geospatial technology and Epoch Solutions Group products.

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About Our Company and Products

As a feature-rich utility field service software solution, EpochField digitally transforms, automates, and streamlines field operations by integrating technological assets, processes, and data across the environment, from mobile devices deployed in the field to third-party, back-office systems and cloud applications. EpochField offers these and other powerful features:

  • Automatic synchronization of data across back-end systems and mobile apps used by field crews
  • Auto-population of data for real-time sharing between field crews and home-office personnel
  • An intuitive interface that makes it easy to create and manage new workflows, with no coding required
  • Efficient work scheduling engine and distribution modules for mapping data
  • Support for all types of smartphones and mobile devices field workers use on the job
  • Automation of workflows for versioning, geoprocessing, and archiving

Yes. The EpochField platform offers the scalability, flexibility, and configurability needed to meet your utility company’s needs now and in the future.

To achieve the integration across each unique environment, EpochField leverages the RESTful API, which allows the platform to directly communicate with all your utility company’s application stack and databases – including fundamental business process applications, such as Oracle and SAP. The use of Python scripts allows both process execution and automation in configurations that are unique to each company’s needs as well.

Plus, EpochField is backed by our implementation, training, and support services teams, industry experts who bring decades of experience to helping design, implement, and fine tune the ideal solution for your operational requirements.

The EpochField platform and companion Work Scheduler work together to enable intelligent automation of operational workflows. Through these foundational technologies, your administrators can deploy field crews and resources to wherever they need to be quickly and easily, through a highly visual, intuitive user interface.

EpochField’s digitization features present field asset data in a single, holistic dashboard, which provides ongoing situational awareness and enables full automation of both scheduling and dispatching processes with drag-and-drop simplicity. Plus, built-in route optimization tools allow field crews to get information in real time on the quickest route to their destinations, no matter how remote.

Yes. EpochField serves as a point of integration across the environment, enabling seamless networking, communications, and real-time data transfers across all mobile and desktop devices, servers, and cloud resources connected to the platform, including back-office GIS and business applications like SAP and Oracle.

Please contact support at or call us at 720-458-3006, option 3.

Android, Windows, and iOS mobile platforms are all supported.

Built on our core geospatial foundation, the EpochField Mobile field service application provides field workers with the asset and network data they need to make their daily work easier. Features include:

  • Map-centric interface – EpochField Mobile’s central mapping component synthesizes field asset information with locations in an interactive visual environment. The resulting online and offline maps render data in small, compact packages, so data is instantly available in a comprehensive, intuitive, multi-touch environment.
  • Offline operability – EpochField Mobile operates while disconnected from the Internet or other network. Once a work order is complete, EpochField automatically syncs data back to the office when the device reconnects.
  • Device agnostic – EpochField Mobile runs on any device operating Windows, Android, or iOS – and offers the same functionality and user experience regardless of the operating system used.
  • Configurable forms – EpochField Mobile is designed to handle any field service workflow utilities need to operate effectively and efficiently. This is made possible by the many form variations accepted. Field workers enjoy digital features, such as the ability to digitally sign documentation, capture and edit pictures, fill out asset information, and record important task-related data.
  • Offline network tracing – EpochField Mobile offers a breadth of tracing capabilities to handle both hierarchical and non-hierarchical tracing, all while being disconnected from the network. This allows users to perform essential network traces and answer important questions related to the task at hand.
  • GPS proximity monitoring – EpochField Mobile uses GPS to enable configurable geofencing. With this feature, crews are alerted to issues like hazardous areas, restricted sites, a protective dog, and more. Users can also drop virtual breadcrumbs along a crew’s route to guide them to their destination. By using GPS, EpochField Mobile helps keep users safe and accountable.

Yes. EpochField’s ability to operate while disconnected from a network allows field crews to assess storm damages or other adverse events faster so customers experience as little downtime as possible. Once a work order is complete, EpochField automatically syncs data back to the office when the device reconnects.

EpochField Work Scheduler is a web field service application that serves as the system of record for managing all varieties of utility field work and instructions to field crews. System administrators and field work managers configure Work Scheduler for users, roles, and group access, making it easy for crews to:

  • View both scheduled work and work to be scheduled on a map
  • View the current location of field crews on a map
  • Use spatial, map-centric, and non-spatial display and query of work order information
  • Schedule and dispatch work and work cycles to the field, considering personal time off and other time blocks recorded in external scheduling systems
  • Assign work to users, user roles, and groups of users
  • Manage and assign equipment resources for work to be done
  • Create work orders from the results of network tracing operations
  • Audit work completed
  • Conduct reporting and analysis
  • Log system and application events

With its easy-to-use interface, EpochField Workflow Builder allows users to automate, integrate, and orchestrate field service processes, including:

  • Automation of routine, manual field service operations processes
  • Setup of automated emails to your field workers with their weekly schedule
  • Seamless integration across your third-party, back-office, or in-house built systems
  • Tracking of 100% of work orders and quality control of work completed
  • Automation of business processes and workflows in an intuitive user experience, with no coding required
  • Notification of field workers about work order assignments from corporate dispatching teams

The EpochField Administrator field service application provides a suite of automated tools to perform necessary administrative tasks, such as:

  • Easily managing dispatch areas and service territories in one application
  • Validating and uploading configuration files for EpochField Mobile
  • Validating and uploading role/group/user configurations via CSV files
  • Setting the duration of time before users must re-login to the web application

EpochSync is a powerful, flexible, high-performance solution for synchronizing data between Smallworld Version Managed Data Stores and Esri ArcGIS Enterprise Geodatabases. Featuring a .NET based user interface and Smallworld Magik components, EpochSync allows users to quickly develop mappings and connection information for their service areas. Key features include:

  • Fast ROI – in months, not years, because you implement only the field crew tools you need
  • Ease of use – users from the field to the back-office can transition to the app easily, with minimal training needed
  • Scalable to any enterprise – proven performance with geomobility applications, supporting community operations off all sizes, and multi-state field crews as well
  • Industry standard languages – including .NET, Java, and objective C for Windows
  • Custom mapping capabilities – that define custom mappings for development of hybrid data models and for attribute manipulation as well
  • Support for exported Esri data – including data from products such as ArcGIS Server
  • Two-way communication – enabling two-way data synchronization in real time

Users can find what version they are on in the interface of the web side, and the “About” section of the mobile site. Current customers will receive notifications from Epoch upon every new release. If you are unsure about your version or which version is the latest, please reach out to your account manager and they will be happy to help you.

Yes. Epoch Solution Group solutions are purpose-built for the electric, gas, water, and telecom utility industries to transform field service operations with mobile map-first technology solutions. Epoch Solutions Group’s flagship product, the EpochField field operations management platform, powers business processes both online and offline and is highly configurable, flexible, and scalable to meet the unique needs of utility customers. EpochField is backed by teams of development, service, and support experts, who work with utility companies at every stage of the solution deployment, from the design and implementation phases through training and the operation of the platform over time.

Epoch Solutions Group often exhibits at events in the utility and GIS industries. You can view our upcoming events here.

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About GIS Technology

Geographic information system (GIS), or geospatial, mapping is the process of inputting data layers into GIS software to produce a map. Geospatial mapping software creates, manages, analyzes, and maps all types of data, including the location of mapped sites and assets with descriptive data about them. Ultimately, GIS maps present users with information in a visual format that raw data can’t communicate on its own.

Field service management software is a specialized category of software that helps private companies, utilities, municipalities, and other entities with field operations manage the work orders, jobs, service requests, maintenance processes, staffing requirements, and paperwork involved in their day-to-day field operations.

Geospatial mapping software provides geographic location data, along with data on the attributes of a field asset, including production, service, maintenance, and repair information, the asset’s material composition, expected lifespan, and other types of data the utility company may wish to track to maintain consistent energy delivery and the integrity of field assets over time.

Utility field service software helps utility companies manage their service areas by processing all operational data within one holistic platform, with the features and functionality needed to manage workflows, assign jobs, and maintain data visibility of field crews and assets from all devices, servers, and cloud resources connected to the platform.

The benefits of digital field asset management include accelerated and automated workflows, ease of data access and sharing, real-time situational awareness across users of the tool, ease of data analysis, and quicker response times when data points to operational deficiencies or asset failures.

Partnering with the right firm is key to implementing utility field service software. At Epoch Solutions Group, we offer the full-featured, infrastructure-wide digitization, work scheduling, and dispatching solution utilities need to meet the challenges they face daily. We also maintain a full staff of engineers, project managers, and other industry experts who work with a utility’s internal teams from the initial design phases through the lifespan of the EpochField implementation to ensure its reliable performance over time.

In digitizing field operation data via an advanced GIS mapping and field operations management solution, utility companies can achieve the real-time data visibility and workforce automation they need to expedite processes and workflows, achieve ongoing situational awareness of their service areas, and ultimately get field crews, equipment, and other resources to the exact sites they need to assess situations and assets, troubleshoot issues, service assets, and maintain reliable energy delivery to their customers.

For utilities today, it is vitally important to partner with technology providers who understand the full complexity of the industry – and that offer the experience, expertise, and highly configurable solutions required to help enable safe, reliable energy delivery wherever it is needed now and in the future.

The partner you choose for your field service software platform should work closely with your internal teams to ensure their solution is configured for the unique infrastructure your utility company maintains, and that it can serve as a point of integration for your environment for years to come.

Support for the full breadth of mobile and desktop devices, servers, and cloud applications that populate your environment is essential as well to ensure real-time communication and data sharing between field crews and employees at all levels and seamless coordination of field operations work throughout the service area.