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Work Shift Scheduling and Dispatching

Automate and simplify how you create work shift schedules and deploy field crews.

Your field operations managers need to schedule and assign field crews across large geographic areas, factoring in huge volumes of data, in a way that improves productivity and service. The EpochField Work Scheduler provides the flexibility and control to make it happen.

The all-in-one EpochField Work Scheduler automates, speeds, and simplifies work shift schedule creation and field crew deployment, leveraging the power of a GIS-based field workforce management platform that digitizes and syncs field data across your entire technology ecosystem. The Work Scheduler serves as your system of record for automating all the workflows you to need to accurately schedule and dispatch utility or telecom field crews—providing real-time situational awareness and map-centric views that enable you to boost productivity and improve customer service.

EpochField Work Scheduling and Dispatching Features

Our field service management scheduling and dispatch solution combines all the features your back-office and field managers need to optimize how they assign and deploy crews.

Streamlined Scheduling​

Use GPS-based workforce tracking to automate work shift scheduling and dispatching for better efficiency.

Optimized Routing

Route your field crews more effectively by automatically providing the fastest route to their next assignment.

Flexible Configuration

Empower system administrators and field managers with the agility to configure the system based on individual users, user groups, or roles.

Work Order Automation

Use network tracing operations results to automatically generate work orders as soon as work is scheduled, making them immediately accessible to back-office operations teams and field crews.

Enterprise-Wide Integration

Make work scheduling decisions based on a broad range of data from disparate applications across the enterprise, such as crew member availability, skillsets, and proximity to assets needing attention.

Scheduling System Integration

Accurately assign work and work cycles to field personnel by accounting for time off or other unavailable time blocks recorded in your external scheduling systems.

Map-Centric Views

Use visual maps and easy-to-use dashboards to view scheduled and yet to be scheduled work, field crew locations, and more, all in real time.

Resource Management

Ensure your field crews have what they need to complete their work by managing and assigning the required equipment and other resources.

Auditing Support

Use the Work Scheduler feature to obtain a complete audit trail of all field work completed.

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Work scheduling and dispatching is just one of the many powerful capabilities of the EpochField workforce management platform—the solution that digitizes, automates, and transforms your field service management process.

Learn how the EpochField Work Scheduler can streamline your field service scheduling and dispatching for better efficiency and service.