Workflow Building

Automate how you build, view, edit, and configure workflows that keep field crews working smarter.

When it comes to equipping your utility or telecom crews to work efficiently, accurately, and safely, field service automation is critical. The intuitive, web-based EpochField Workflow Builder provides the backbone for automating your routine field service operations processes.

Workflow Builder replaces slow, error-prone manual steps with a streamlined, efficient, automated process for creating and managing your field workflows. Leveraging EpochField’s geospatial and digitization technology, this field service automation solution transforms how you build and manage workflows—improving field-to-office communication, reducing manual touchpoints, increasing field crew efficiency and productivity, and improving the customer experience. With access to all the infrastructure data that impacts field service workflows, the Workflow Builder application supports informed, real-time decision-making and reporting.

EpochField Workflow Builder Features

The EpochField Workflow Builder combines everything you need to streamline and simplify how you build workflows to support your field service operations, reflecting how your organization works.

Full Range of Workflows

Automate every field service workflow, transforming how you schedule, assign, and dispatch crews, create work orders, schedule routine maintenance, respond to outages or other emergencies, conduct field asset and environment inspections, and manage vegetation.

Event-Driven Automation

Ensure your workflows reflect the most up-to-date conditions in the field by using the system’s event-driven business process automation capabilities.

Seamless Integration

Connect the Workflow Builder application with your entire technology ecosystem, including third-party applications, back-office systems, and other in-house systems.

Easy Configuration

Create workflows and forms uniquely suited to your needs, using fully configurable data fields and cross-field validation rules for data entry and values.

Intuitive Interface

Use the Workflow Builder’s drag-and-drop functionality to speed the process of building, editing, and configuring field service workflows.

Automatic Notification

Set up automated emails to notify field workers of their weekly schedules or other assignments from corporate dispatch.

Simple, Yet Powerful

Enjoy easy, intuitive operation without sacrificing functionality, thanks to intelligent work order forms that power your field service processes in the background—with no coding required on your part.

See What the EpochField Workflow Builder Can Do For You

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Easy, web-based administration is just one of the many powerful capabilities of the EpochField workforce management platform—the solution that digitizes, automates, and transforms your field service management process.

Learn how the EpochField Workflow Builder speeds and streamlines how you create, edit, and configure your field service workflows.