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EpochField Work Scheduler

Purpose-built workforce management tools with GIS technology enable you to schedule and dispatch resources quickly and easily.

Take control of your scheduling and dispatching with the all-in-one EpochField Work Scheduler. Work Scheduler empowers operations managers and dispatchers to administer and manage resources in the form of personnel, crews, equipment, and groups. This innovative solution includes GPS-based field workforce tracking, automated scheduling, and route optimization tools at your fingertips.

Field Service Scheduling & Management Solutions

EpochField Work Scheduler web application is the system of record for managing all varieties of utility field work to field crews. System administrators and field work managers configure Work Scheduler for users, roles, and group access for performing the following tasks:

Purpose-Built GIS Tools

EpochField Mobile Work Management provides work order delivery and data collection through mobile smart forms to help increase service order efficiency. Scheduled and assigned work orders can be immediately downloaded to field crew devices in the field, on-demand, or automatically. When in the field, workers can locate their work spatially on the map and use EpochField Mobile integrated tools to quickly view, query, and navigate to the work areas and assets to be worked on. Work can be completed while the device is disconnected from any network. When the device comes back into a connected state, the work can be synchronized back to the corporate office’s central database for archiving and analysis.  

Real-Time Situational
Assign Work Orders to Users,
User Roles, or Groups
Map-Centric Schedulng and

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