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EpochField – Damage Assessment

When a storm hits, inevitably there is damage to a utility’s infrastructure. The first step to fixing that damage and restoring power to customers is accurate and efficient damage assessment. EpochField’s Damage Assessment workflow provides that and more. It seamlessly integrates with Outage Management systems to disseminate outage locations and associated work assignments to field scouts. Its ability to function offline allows those scouts to collect damage in remote locations without an internet connection. And a state of the art, bi-directional synchronization framework pushes all assessment data back to the server and gets new work assignments out to the scouts resulting in vastly improved assessment times over traditional paper workflows.

Field data synchronization will occur continuously throughout a storm event allowing decision makers to utilize our Executive Dashboards to monitor assessment progress and overall damage throughout the service territory in near real time. This results in more timely and informed decisions about where to focus restoration efforts. EpochField runs on Windows, Android, and iOS devices, so foreign aid crews can download the application and their work assignment data and be assessing damage within minutes.

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