Epoch Solutions Group, llc, a leading provider of geospatial mobility solutions for the utility industry, is proud to announce the release of EpochField 4.1!

EpochField is a complete, mobile-to-enterprise, multi-platform workforce management solution designed for field crews to view and update asset data in a map-centric, disconnected, real-time environment.

4.1 builds on the latest innovations of mobile computing and mapping in the field, bringing with it new productivity tools, better and more efficient handling of offline data and data streaming, improvements in usability and user experience, over 400 bug fixes, and much more. 4.1 also supports many of the key features available in ArcGIS Runtime 100.5.

New Work Manager Web Application 

Work Manager is a new web application, introduced for the first time in 4.1, that allows work managers the ability to easily create, assign, and manage work orders for field crews working with EpochField. It builds on top of EpochField’s Work Management Middle Tier system, which is a command-line, scriptable workflow, prior to his release, for creating and brokering WMS information to and from the EpochField mobile application. Today, the Work Manager web application is the new ‘face’ of Epoch’s work management solution, providing a convenient and map-centric experience for users. 

New Map Markup Tool

Map Markup is a new tool added to support exclusively drawing point, line, polygon, and text features on the map. Those features are defined in an ArcMap MXD which is then published to an ArcGIS feature service and exposed to this tool through ArcGIS Enterprise or ArcGIS Online endpoints. 

The Map Markup can be configured to have the app create the offline geodatabase at the time of app startup and initialization, behind the scenes. 

Mobile Map Package (.mmpk) support 

The ArcGIS Mobile Map Package (.mmpk files) can now be used for delivering data packages to the EpochField mobile application, geodatabases and vector tile packages, as a single, manageable data package delivery mechanism, making data preparation and delivery to EpochField much more efficient. 

Reference Scale support 

At ArcGIS Runtime 100.5, a map authored in ArcGIS Pro can have reference scales set on the map or on individual layers, and these scales are honored in EpochField 4.1. Symbology and annotation can scale in size with the map. 

There is so much more we can say about the new innovations in 4.1, but grab it today and experience it for yourself! You’ll find EpochField 4.1 in the App Store and Google Play today, or contact us at 720-458-3006 or gerry.hibbard@epochsg.com