EpochSync Pro Product Overview

Syncing your data with Esri Utility Network

EpochSync Pro is a new version of Epoch Solution Group’s EpochSync software written specifically in the ArcGIS Pro SDK to take advantage of Esri’s Utility Network. EpochSync allows customers to bring their Smallworld data into an ArcGIS format to enable them to take full advantage of the ArcGIS suite of functionality.

A Flexible High-Performance Solution

EpochSync Pro provides a powerful, flexible high-performance solution for synchronizing data between a variety of data formats including, Smallworld, ArcGIS enterprise and file geodatabases, ArcGIS Pro utility networks, and Oracle.

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About Us

Epoch Solutions Group is a leading provider in modernizing a utility’s field workforce. The overall driving vision of a single application for all field workflows coupled with geospatially enabled back-office scheduling, work type authoring, work order creation applications, and data synchronization is delivered through the EpochField and EpochSync Platforms. Epoch Solutions Group provides a far superior solution to the traditional products available in the market with the ability to enable true digital transformation of field service operations, workflows, and data integration. Epoch Solutions Group continues to expand functionality with the underlying focus and goal to provide the best tools and products to its customers.

“EpochSync allows us to sync our Smallworld data into Utility Network seamlessly to our mobile hardware in the field”
– Xcel Energy

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