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EpochField Work Scheduler Product Overview

Schedule and dispatch resources quickly and easily

Take control of your scheduling and dispatching with the all-in-one EpochField Work Scheduler. Work Scheduler empowers operations managers and dispatchers to administer and manage resources in the form of personnel, crews, equipment, and groups. This innovative solution includes GPS-based field workforce tracking, automated scheduling, and route optimization tools at your fingertips.

Real-Time Situational Awareness
Assign Work Orders To Users, User Roles, Or Groups
Map-Centric Scheduling and Dispatching

Managing Your Field Work

EpochField Work Scheduler web application is the system of record for managing all varieties of utility field work to field crews. System administrators and field work managers configure Work Scheduler for users, roles, and group access for performing the following tasks:

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Our Success

EpochField’s outstanding success has made Epoch Solutions Group a leading provider in modernizing a utility’s field workforce. EpochField is a cost-effective solution with an intuitive interface and a suite of user-friendly tools that increases productivity while reducing operating costs. EpochField works as a foundation for your network and asset workflows, enabling enterprises to digitally transform, automate and streamline field service operations. Epoch Solutions Group continues to expand this functionality with the underlying focus and goal to provide the best tools and products to its customers.

“EpochField is a cost-effective solution with an intuitive interface and user-friendly tools.”
– San Diego Gas & Electric

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