Automating Mobile Workforce Management with FortisAlberta

Project Summary

Project Type:

Mobile Workforce
Management (MWFM)


Alberta, Canada

Number of Customers:



To increase job performance
and automate processes

Solutions Implemented: 

EpochField Work Scheduler

Customer Benefits:

Digitize field service data

Create, schedule, and
manage operational

Share asset map data in real


As a regulated electricity distribution utility serving central and southern Alberta, Canada, FortisAlberta is responsible for ensuring the safe and reliable delivery of electricity to more than half a million residential, farm, and business customers across the region. To achieve the consistent service uptime customers require today, the utility’s 1,100 employees work day and night to keep systems up and running, prevent and respond to outages, survey and repair infrastructure assets, and maintain the power grid.

FortisAlberta has developed a Grid Modernization Program that includes enhancing, replacing, or upgrading existing Operational Technology and Information Technology systems to better serve its customers, improve the reliability of its distribution network, be prepared for changes in the regulatory environment and distribution grid with the introduction of renewable energy, and gain operational efficiencies. The solution is an enterprise-wide Mobile Workforce Management system that integrates with their Outage Management  System (OMS), Customer information System (CIS) and Asset Management System (WAM), consolidating all these pieces into one application.

The Mobile Workforce Management (MWFM) solution will be based on Epoch Solutions Group’s EpochField technology and will leverage full GIS capabilities, to support five key work types: Planning, Scheduling, Dispatch, Execution and Analysis.

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