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SECO Energy Enhances GIS Capabilities with EpochSync

Project Summary

Project Type:

Smallworld to Esri GIS data sync


Central Florida

Number of Customers: 

230,000 +


To enhance GIS capabilities to streamline operations and improve service delivery

Solutions Implemented:


Customer Benefits

Reliable way to sync Smallworld data to an Esri Geodatabase

Hundreds of man-hours saved annually

Enhanced operational efficiency

Improve member satisfaction


SECO Energy, a not-for-profit electric cooperative, serves almost 250,000 homes and businesses across seven counties in Central Florida. As the third-largest electric co-op in Florida and the seventh-largest in the nation, SECO has been delivering reliable power, excellent service, and low rates since 1938. The organization’s extensive network management and member service have been supported by a robust IT infrastructure. However, the changing dynamics of utility management and the increasing complexity of data integration presented SECO with a significant challenge: enhancing its GIS capabilities to streamline operations and improve member satisfaction.

The Challenge: Integrating System of Record with Modern GIS Capabilities as System of Engagement

SECO’s GIS data, essential for managing its extensive network, is housed in GE Smallworld. This system of record, while robust, limited SECO’s ability to fully utilize the advanced tools and technologies available in the Esri environment. The need for a solution that could seamlessly integrate these two platforms was clear.

Barry Owens, Manager of Geospatial Services, spearheaded the initiative to find a solution. “Our focus was to gain the mapping and analytics functionality of the Esri platform and to extend our GIS data out to an environment where Esri tools and technologies could be utilized. We wanted to do this through an efficient and stable solution that didn’t require daily manual intervention,” Owens explained.

EpochSync: The Bridge Between System of Record and System of Engagement

EpochSync emerged as the ideal solution for SECO’s needs. EpochSync, specifically designed to synchronize data between Smallworld and Esri, represents the bridge between SECO’s system of record and its system of engagement. Its comprehensive configuration XML file ensured better access to mapping, while hard-coded asset groups and types guaranteed precision in data handling, further engaging their membership. The in-built special Esri functionalities, including examples for containment and structural associations, enhanced its appeal.

“EpochSync offered the most reliable and painless way to synchronize our Smallworld data to an Esri Geodatabase,” Owens noted, emphasizing its efficiency and ease of use compared to other tools. “While we previously utilized other tools for this type of data extraction, they required hands-on management of the system,” said Owens.

The Implementation: A Seamless Transition

The implementation of EpochSync at SECO was overseen by key decision-makers, including Owens and Charles White, Applications Programming Supervisor. The process was smooth and efficient, reflecting the solution’s design with Esri’s complexities in mind. “The unremarkable nature of EpochSync’s implementation underscored its painless and straightforward process,” White recalled.

The Results: Saving Hundreds of Hours Each Year and Gaining Enhanced Efficiency, Precision, and Member Satisfaction

The impact of EpochSync on SECO’s operations was significant. The automated synchronization process saves significant man-hours annually, allowing the team to focus on strategic tasks. “EpochSync’s automation is the key to SECO’s ability to reduce hundreds of hands-on hours each year,” Owens stated.

The precision in data handling ensured by EpochSync’s accurate object mapping and handling of Esri associations maintains data integrity throughout the transition. This precision is critical in managing SECO’s extensive network and maintaining high member service standards. The integration with Esri platforms has also enabled SECO to utilize advanced GIS tools for various operational and business processes, improving overall efficiency and decision-making.

Future Prospects: Leveraging Data for Advanced Applications

Looking ahead, SECO is exploring opportunities to leverage the EpochSync database in Microsoft Power Platforms, particularly Power BI. This move will aim to enhance data analysis capabilities, further improving decision-making processes. Additionally, SECO has now set up the foundation to implement EpochField as a data collection tool which will drive even more optimized operations for the organization.

Expanding the Horizon: SECO's Ongoing Journey with EpochSync

The journey with EpochSync extends beyond its implementation. SECO continues to explore the myriad possibilities that this advanced tool offers. The utility is now better equipped to handle large-scale data, manage complex network systems, and provide enhanced member service. The ability to share GIS data with external sources for improved situational awareness has also been a significant advantage.


SECO Energy’s implementation of EpochSync is a testament to the transformative power of integrating the right technology in utility operations. This strategic move has streamlined SECO’s GIS data management and opened new avenues for data visualization and operational efficiency while strengthening member satisfaction.

SECO’s experience serves as a benchmark for GIS data management in the utility sector, showcasing how innovative solutions can lead to significant improvements in service delivery and operational excellence. In today’s dynamic utility landscape, SECO Energy is a prime example of how seamless data integration can position a business at the forefront of utility data management.

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