The best just got BETTER, EpochField 4.2.1 is now available to all EpochField Users!

EpochField is a complete, mobile-to-enterprise, multi-platform workforce management solution designed for field crews to view and update asset data in a map-centric, disconnected, real-time environment.

4.2.1 builds on the latest innovations of mobile computing and mapping in the field, bringing new productivity tools, better and more efficient handling of offline data and data streaming, improvements in usability and user experience. Below is an overall summary of key features, bug fixes, and depreciation notes:

General Enhancements

  • Dynamic Map Service Layers can be displayed and identified.
  • Added support for Streetmap Premium Mobile Map Packages – enables geocoding and routing from SMP.
  • Geofencing activity continues to run while EpochField is in the background or sleeping.
  • Trace results displayed on the map can be toggled on and off.
  • Logging within the EpochField mobile app has been greatly enhanced to include finer-grained reporting of application events.
  • When editing an image attachment in Work Management, the user gets a confirmation that the image was successfully saved or not.
  • In a Form, users can edit the individual components of an address (Number, Street, City, State, ZIP), rather than in one single address string field. This will be made configurable in a near future release.

Bug Fixes

  • Add back support for GPS simulation with NMEA file.
  • Editing a work feature from the map does not automatically start the GPS breadcrumbs.
  • GPS turns on after editing a work feature then selecting a work order.
  • Auto-Sync interferes with dropping of breadcrumbs and work features.
  • Delete All button in Data Download Tool does not delete all the data packages from the device.
  • Completed Work Order should not allow user to change actual start and actual finish dates.
  • Squeezes are not being recognized on gas network traces.


  • The SketchTool will no longer be supported in EpochField after this release. The Map Markup Tool is the path forward for sketching and redlining. Map Markups can also be linked to and associated with Work Orders in EpochField Work Management.
  • This is the last release of the EpochField Enterprise product. Releases of EpochField going forward will include support for Windows Universal Windows Platform (UWP), iOS and Android. We recommend that customers who are using Enterprise begin their plans for supporting UWP devices.
  • This is the final release of EpochField support for Windows 7. We recommend that users who are using EpochFIeld Enterprise on Windows 7 begin targeting Windows 10. This recommendation is aligned with Microsoft’s plans for stopping support for Windows 7.
  • This is the last release of EpochField support for raster-based Tile Packages (.tpk files). Customers are encouraged to utilize Vector Tile Packages (*.vtpk files) instead.

There is so much more we can say about the new innovations in 4.2.1, but grab it today and experience it for yourself! You’ll find EpochField 4.2.1 in the App Store and Google Play today, or contact us at 720-458-3006 or