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EpochField Product Overview

An Integrated Solution for Automating Your Field Workforce

A foundation for your network and asset workflows​

EpochField provides everything a utility needs, from field workflow creation and management to scheduling work and distributing asset map data to the field. Unlike any other single-solution application on the market, EpochField is easily configurable to meet your business needs now and in the future, across the utility industry.

EpochField is a set of applications that provides the first truly integrated workforce management and geospatial mapping solution. EpochField interfaces seamlessly with any organization’s back-end enterprise systems to deliver work order information to operations managers, supervisors, dispatchers, and workers in the field.

EpochField enables enterprises to digitally transform, automate and streamline field service operations, from the frontline to third-party, back-office systems.

50,000+ Users

Epoch Solutions Group works with some of the largest utility companies in North America, such as Sempra Energy, Ameren Energy, Eversource Energy, and Entergy.

234+ Projects

Epoch Solutions Group prides itself on more than 200 successfully completed projects across North America servicing electric and gas utilities.

100M+ Customers

Our EpochField customers have a service area covering more than 80% of the United States and 70% of Canada, serving more than 100 million customers collectively.

“Epoch Solutions Group understands the critical day-to-day management of a utility’s essential network. We also understand that field crews require timely information regarding the location of all assets to safely and efficiently support this critical infrastructure.”

– Ameren

“EpochField is a cost-effective solution with an intuitive interface and user-friendly tools.”

– San Diego Gas & Electric

Core Technology

EpochField is developed on a highly configurable platform that can be tailored to any industry needs. With features such as configurable work order forms, automated scheduling and route optimization, offline viewing, and intuitive administrator tools, EpochField is the perfect solution for utility companies that need to view their assets on a map-centric interface.

Purpose-Built Features

Scheduling & Dispatching

Leverage real-time insights to take control of your scheduling and dispatching.

Enterprise-Level Asset Management

Capture operational data for coordinated asset management, automation, and visibility at all times.

Mobile Workforce Management

Know where your real-time to get the right field crew to the correct location on time.

Work Order Management

Plan, track, and manage your work orders and field service workforce from the field to the back office.

ESG Customer Integration Graphic

An Integrated Solution

Map-Centric Platform

EpochField is a multi-platform mobile workforce management solution that enables field crew to access and view asset data in a disconnected environment. EpochField provides this solution via a map-centric platform built on cutting-edge technology that supports the latest generation touch screen devices.

Workflow Builder
Intelligent Work Forms

The EpochField Workflow Builder application allows application administrators to build, view, edit, and configure the work forms used by EpochField Mobile users performing their assigned work in the field. Workflow Builder can create workflows and intelligent work forms for any work type with custom fields and define cross-field validation rules for data entry and values.

Work Scheduler
Scheduling & Dispatching

Take control of your scheduling and dispatching with the all-in-one EpochField Work Scheduler. Work Scheduler empowers operations managers or dispatchers with innovative solutions, including GPS-based field workforce tracking, automated scheduling and route optimization tools at your fingertips.

Key Features & Benefits

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Our Success

EpochField’s outstanding success has made Epoch Solutions Group a leading provider in modernizing a utility’s field workforce. EpochField is a cost-effective solution with an intuitive interface and a suite of user-friendly tools that increases productivity while reducing operating costs. EpochField works as a foundation for your network and asset workflows, enabling enterprises to digitally transform, automate and streamline field service operations. Epoch Solutions Group continues to expand this functionality with the underlying focus and goal to provide the best tools and products to its customers.

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